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14 H
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Pedagogical contribution of the course to the program

No educational contribution associated with this course for this program.


The course will be the basis to understand Blockchain and cryptoassets. We shall start will the History of the Blockchain, and this Bitcoin and discover the current applications. After a small use case we will focus on the finance industry and the so call Decentralized Finance (DEFI) One of the goal of the Blockchain is to tokenize the asset and then allow entrepreneurs to raise cash through ICO, IDO and STO

Teaching methods


- Lectures

In group

- Exercises
- Oral presentations
- Case studies/texts


- Discussions/debates
- Games (educational, role play, simulation)


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Learning objectives

Cognitive domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
  • - (level 1) define differences between Blockchain and crypto asset
  • - (level 1) select some start up to real business cases
  • - (level 2) indicate the use cases of Blockchain in the finance industry
  • - (level 4) detect how to invest into an ICO or STO
  • - (level 6) synthesize the world of Blockchain

Affective domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
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See above

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Knowledge in / Key concepts to master

Basics on finance and asset management with all the payers (Asset manager, Custodian, Depositary, fund accountant)

Teaching material

Mandatory tools for the course

- Computer

Documents in all formats

- Case studies/texts

Moodle platform

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- Pack Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

Additional electronic platforms

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Recommended reading

GBBC Digital finance : cryptoassets and sanctions compliance Euroblockchain : report 2022

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EM Research: Be sure to mobilize at least one resource

Textbooks, case studies, translated material, etc. can be entered
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List of assessment methods

Final evaluationOther (date, pop quiz, etc.) : -
Written and oral (1 Min.) / Individual / English / Weight : 100 %
Details : At the beginning of the class I will present the subject the students will have to present grouping in 4-5 during the last course
This evaluation is used to measure LO1.1, LO1.2, LO2.2, LO4.1, LO4.2
No assessment methods have been attributed to this course yet.