Strategic Decisions in Marketing (Business Game) Gr.2


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Pedagogical contribution of the course to the program

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This course is a business simulation. Participants are organized in teams, and are to manage the marketing department of a large corporation. Teams are competing with several other firms in in a same industry. Each team is responsible for formulating and implementing the long-term marketing strategy of your division. In particular, teams have to: - Work in a highly competitive market - Target consumer segments and position your products - Interface with R&D to design and develop new products - Launch new products and improve existing ones - Interface with the production department - Make marketing mix decisions: pricing, advertising, … - Decide on the size and priorities of your commercial team - Order market research studies to get up-to-date information for decision making. The objective is to maximize the Share Price Index of the company, which takes into account several indicators including net contribution generated, product market share, ability to grow the organization’s revenues and the quality of projects successfully completed.

Teaching methods


- Lectures

In group

- Exercises


- Discussions/debates
- Games (educational, role play, simulation)


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Learning objectives

Cognitive domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
  • - (level 3) Employ marketing tools and concepts seen all along their studies
  • - (level 4) Analyze a competitive environment and figure out options to create value for customers and the company
  • - (level 5) Plan a consistent marketing plan, long-term
  • - (level 6) Appraise their managerial practice within a team

Affective domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
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The cohort is split in several teams and each team is managing a company, with a special (but not exclusive) focus on strategic marketing. Teams are competing one against another. A set of managerial decisions are taken all over a 3 days long period, and teams receives a individualized feedback after each of these decisions. Also,'Incidents', crisis situations might occur, as in real business life. On the last day, teams are asked to assess how they managed the company. A presentation is made by each team to the board of the company.

No prerequisite has been provided

Knowledge in / Key concepts to master

Marketing Fundamentals OR Marketing Management OR Brand management OR Introduction to Corporate Finance. None of these courses is required, but recommended.

Teaching material

Mandatory tools for the course

- Computer

Documents in all formats

- Case studies/texts

Moodle platform

- Coaching/mentoring


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Additional electronic platforms

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Recommended reading

Best, R. (any year of publication), Market-Based Management. Pearson Grant, R. (any yeat of publication), Contemporary Strategy

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EM Research: Be sure to mobilize at least one resource

Textbooks, case studies, translated material, etc. can be entered
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List of assessment methods

Final evaluationLast class
Written (30 Min.) / Group / English / Weight : 50 %
Details : Teams' results at the end of the business simulation
Final evaluationLast class
Written and oral (30 Min.) / Group / English / Weight : 50 %
Details : Team final presentation and/or report
No assessment methods have been attributed to this course yet.