Business Game: Managing your growth


Business Game: Managing your growth
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27 H
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Pierre-François LELAURAIN

Pedagogical contribution of the course to the program

Développer un management à impact grâce aux connaissances et aux outils les plus récents dans les domaines du management

Developing a strategic and managerial vision in a complex, uncertain and changing environment
Design solutions adapted to organizational problems by applying relevant methodologies

Développer des compétences managériales de niveau avancé se traduisant par un leadership responsable

Co-build a managerial and organizational culture through collaborations and team projects
Effectively argue his ideas orally and in writing with a professional posture

Pratiquer un management à impact dans un environnement multiculturel et international, porté par un "European mindset"

Communicate in a professional context in (foreign) languages, in writing and/or orally
Formulate solutions to organizational challenges in a multicultural and international context, driven by a "European mindset"


This lecture is based on a business game simulation that is learner centered and emphasizes an active role of the participants. Learners in a team will have to take decisions in a competitive environment to develop the company they are running in interaction with the lecturer. This game is designed to put Business Management concepts and mechanisms into practice as concretely as possible within a competitive context, immersing the learners in an environment that recreates "the real world" and that lets them see the effects of their decisions immediately. During this simulation, the learners in interaction with their lecturer will improve and deepen: * their knowledge in the management of a company (finance, marketing, human resources management) and how to deal with the growth of a firm by experiences immediately the consequences of their decisions, * their soft skills in decision making, critical thinking and teamwork.

Teaching methods


- Lectures
- Tutorials

In group

- Exercises
- Case studies/texts


- Games (educational, role play, simulation)


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Learning objectives

Cognitive domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
  • - (level 2) interact with their team
  • - (level 4) diagnose the strategic situation in which their company is
  • - (level 6) develop their decision making tool in intearction wih their lecturer
  • - (level 6) budget their decisions regarding their marketing strategy

Affective domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
  • - (level 3) argue their decisions
  • - (level 4) organize their decision making process
  • - (level 4) integrate the point of view of all team members


The detailed outlines are available on moodle at "Business Simulation : Managing your Growth 2021" by Mr. LELAURAIN The course is divided in lectures of 4 hours so that learners have time to prepare and take their decisions.

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Knowledge in / Key concepts to master

Basic notions in management (Marketing, finance, strategy...) Basic knowledge in Excel or Google Sheets

Teaching material

Mandatory tools for the course

- Computer
- Reference manuals

Documents in all formats

- Photocopies
- Worksheets

Moodle platform

- Upload of class documents


- Other :

Additional electronic platforms

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Recommended reading

USe of the Dupont model for instance : DUPONT ANALYSIS–A TOOL OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS _ M Ram, RK Chouhan - Indian Journal of Business Administration, 2020

No reading material has been provided.

EM Research: Be sure to mobilize at least one resource

Textbooks, case studies, translated material, etc. can be entered
Working paper Roth et Lelaurain - "La croissance des entreprises japonaise"


List of assessment methods

Intermediate assessment / continuous assessment 1Last class
Written / Group / English / Weight : 30 %
Details : This assessment is based on the performance of your firm after 4 decisions and your effective participation Nothing special to do except improving your decisions based on the ongoing results of your firm.
Intermediate assessment / continuous assessment 2Other (date, pop quiz, etc.) : TBD
Written / Individual / English / Weight : 30 %
Details : This individual assessment is based on your investment in the business simulation and a short essay in which you will propose individually your recommendations for the future of your company and your feedback on what your learned during the simulation (a kind of what if ? too...;).
Final evaluationOther (date, pop quiz, etc.) : One week after the last session
Written / Group / English / Weight : 40 %
Details : This final assessment is a final report in which you explain to "your shareholders" the performance of your company. This report will fellow the plan proposed by your lecturer
No assessment methods have been attributed to this course yet.