International Finance


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• The course is concerned with matters of international financial management. It aims at equipping future leaders with the analytical tools they need to manage finance in the international business environment faced with by multinational corporations. It blends theory, practical illustrations and case studies to prepare future MNC managers to make sound international financial decisions and manage the risk of business in a competitive global environment. • In an introduction the course covers the environment of international financial management and the context and principles surrounding the financing of global firms. It then lists the reasons & determinants for direct foreign investments. It describes the analytical tools required to perform multinational capital budgeting, including country risk assessment. The last part is devoted to the management of short term issues in a global context such as the management of net working capital, the management of transfer prices, and currency risk management.

Teaching methods


- Lectures

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- Exercises
- Projects


- Discussions/debates


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Learning objectives

Cognitive domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
  • - (level 1) Recognize the specific needs of multinational corporations in terms of financial management
  • - (level 2) Describe the tools multinational corporations can use
  • - (level 3) Operate appropriate solutions to management problems
  • - (level 4) Examine the pro and cons of given financial decisions
  • - (level 5) Synthesize the opportunities and risks faced by a multinational corporation
  • - (level 6) Evaluate the orientation a multinational should take in terms of financial management

Affective domain

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to
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- Environment of international Financial Management: Country risk analysis - Financing the multinational corporation: International financing and national capital markets, cost of capital for foreign investments - Foreign investment analysis: Capital budgeting for the multinational corporation - Multinational working capital management - Managing currency risk (foreign exchange market, forward markets and transaction exchange risk)

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Knowledge in / Key concepts to master

- Basic mathematical skills - Vocabulary of corporate finance
Net Present Value Net Working Capital Cost of Capital

Teaching material

Mandatory tools for the course

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Documents in all formats

- Photocopies
- Worksheets

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Recommended reading

Reference manual: A. C. Shapiro, 2013, Multinational Financial Management, Wiley

Various publications from international organizations indicated as possible sources of information to write the essay.

EM Research: Be sure to mobilize at least one resource

Textbooks, case studies, translated material, etc. can be entered
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List of assessment methods

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